Sunday, April 25, 2010



#7. THE RUSSIAN RIVER RESORT. This is actually in Guerneville, which is maybe an hour and a half North of San Francisco, it is paradise of a small-town where pretty much everyone is gay. The resort itself is motel-style, all enclosed around a bar and a pool, so you can sit around and get wasted all day, hang in the pool or the hot tub, shoot the shit with the hilarious queens that work there (our favorite is the manager Gregory, former Falcon video star!) and then troll the town in the evening. There's a gay bar a block away called Rainbow Cattle Company that is really rad and super classic, hardwood everywhere with a bunch of Tom of Finland shit, and also this really insane one called Yamagata's, which kind of looks like a Virgin Airlines plane on the inside, lots of violet light and weird fabric. Also a lot of old hippies end up retiring in Guerneville, so I always see at least a few people wandering the streets there in the middle of the night muttering about time travel or whatever. Totally my favorite place in America!

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