Monday, April 19, 2010



#3. THE CASTRO CRAWL The Castro has a rap for being hella cheezy but that makes it also hella funny, especially for me and my friends because we are all total punk burn-out whatever queens and so all the preppy gays sneer at us but it's fun. We usually do this on Wednesday (no cover!), we'll start at the Edge, which is this really hilarious bar decorated with like Universal Studio's cast-offs, like space-age stuff and a big weird fake mountain and lots of rainbow boas, then move to Badlands, which is kind of the penultimate Castro club, lots of tvs showing pop remixes, a circular dance floor and lots of fog (BEST place to do poppers, preferably if Cascada is playing), then next is either the Midnight Sun, which is a weird video bar that shows music videos and funny tv snippets, or Moby Dick's, and then we'll usually hit up this fierce queen Juanita More's party Bootcall at Qbar, and end at 440 (formerly Daddy's), which is, you guessed it, a daddy bar and the best place to pick up older dudes or freak them out. So fun!

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