Monday, April 5, 2010



ssion’s boy screens tonight – monday april 5th.

@ The National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South

BOY, the first film (2009) by musician-artist Cody Critcheloe, is a haunting and humorous gay coming-of-age story featuring music videos by the artist’s band, SSION (pronounced “shun”), which he founded when in high school and continued at the Kansas City Art Institute (where he graduated in 2003), and which is still active.

Critcheloe plays an aspiring rock star—svelte, androgynous, laconic, yet vulnerable—whose popularity has been eclipsed by a female rival, “The Woman”—the enigma at the center of this film. With her large black-rimmed glasses, she’s bookishly attractive, but she also emanates power and aggression.

Beyond its obvious elements of satire and critique, BOY perfectly encapsulates the tribal, do-it-together mentality of Critcheloe’s generation. The film draws on the talents of dozens of his friends, including up-and-coming designers Peggy Noland and Ari Fish and musician Ashley Miller. The music, which ranges from catchy, Eurodisco-style tunes to rebel anthems, keeps the narrative moving.

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