Thursday, April 16, 2009


PhotobucketI'm sure all the homos have checked out Mr. Krelenstein and Mr. McGinley's new party, but if not...get to it!

Hello Fellow Gay Friends and Friends of Gay Friends

Ryan McGinley and I are doing a new gay party for gays on Thursday nights at B.East.

Did I mention it's gay? Well it is. It's a gay party for gays
who hate gay parties.That means: no techno or house music, no
abercrombie, no drag, no dark bars, but lots of T. Rex and other rock n' roll. Think Squeezebox in the 90s, but with a touch of class and maybe some Belle and Sebastian for the sensitive boys.

You know how you go to like, Smiths Night or Beatrice and there's all these cute guys there but they're all straight...

This party is for dancing and hanging out, and being gay.
You can even get dinner there before hand. See you there!

Ryan and Greg

171 east broadway at rutgers
thursdays, 10pm-4am

The musical vibe will be something like...

Bowie, Smiths, Clash, Sonic Youth, Velvet, Iggy, Patti, Ramones, Cocteau Twins, Supremes, Hendrix, Pavement, James Brown, Fleetwood, Stones, Roxy Music, Talking Heads, Echo & The Bunnymen, Cure, Stevie
Wonder, etc...

healthy dinner served from 9-11pm

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